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Activities Update
February 2019
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PMPC Newsletter
September 2019

Desert Mountains Preserves Wildlife Videos
by Joel Pearson

Coyotes Consternation – 2:03min
Coyotes – 6:50min
Western Screech Owls – 3:56min
Gila Monster – 38sec
Red-tailed Hawks Nesting: Alice calls for Ralph – 1:22min
Red-tailed Hawk Feeding Chicks - 2:48min
Desert Tortoise 1 – 1:23min
Long-eared Owls – 11:50min
Desert Tortoise 2 – 1:00min
Pack Rat – 30sec
Nesting Roadrunners – 21sec
Phoenix Mountains
Preservation Council

12950 N 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Walk the Pipeline With Neighbors!!!!
Posted on 12/14/2019
Host: Granada Park and Madison Heights Neighborhoods, contact for additional information 602-882-9044. Saturday, December 14 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Start at SW Corner of Granada Park 20th Street and Maryland Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85016

Phoenix Water Services Proposed Water Pipeline Near Dreamy Draw Recreation Area-PRIORITY ISSUE
Posted on 11/13/2019
Updated on 12/02/2019

PMPC Press Release 10/28/2019
PMPC Oversight Hearing Request to Mayor Kate Gallego 11/19/2019

YOUR HELP NEEDED!!! Resources to support your communications with Phoenix Mayor/Council
A MEETING will be held at the Phoenix City Council Chambers, 200 W. Jefferson St. on Wednesday, December 4 at 2:30pm.
T-Shirts are available in mostly large and XL and are bright orange with a brilliant logo/slogan so plan on wearing one at the council meeting to "Show our Colors and Neighborhood/Preserve Passion". Contact to request a T-shirt. Any leftover T-shirts will be made available prior to the meeting if you did not have time to pick up one in advance.
What you can do
Sample Letter

Special Edition Activities Update.
Posted on 10/25/2019
Buffelgrass Blues pulling Day at Piestewa Peak, North Mountain Access Road Opening, 2020 Trails Plan Public Survey, CAZCA Conservation 3rd Annual Celebration Luncheon, PMPC's Annual Holiday Potluck for more info

History of PMPC by Maxine Lakin
Posted on 03/12/2019
So appreciative of Maxine, one of the founding members of PMPC, to share how protecting the Phoenix Mountains and providing us with a verbal history of how it all got started and how important is the mission. The video is 15 minutes long with Patrick McMullen, current PMPC president, conducting the interview. Maxine Lakin Interview

North Mountain Tower Road Update
Posted on 03/12/2019
The North Mountain Tower Project timeline has been extended to June 19th. Check Out the Timeline
The Annual Report from the Phoenix Parks and Receation Department provides a nice overview of 2018 highlights. for more info

House OKs Open-Spaces bill|Cronkite News - Arizona PBS
Posted on 03/12/2019
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, the site of an ancient Hohokam farming community that thrived along the Gila River for 1,000 years, is just one of the sites in Arizona that have benefited from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Visit for more information

Public Comment Needed and Welcome on ADOT
Posted on 03/12/2019
ADOT MOU to assume NEPA environmental review responsibility from Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). View the Notice and Public Comment options using the below link. AZDOT Bulletins

Camelback Mountain
Posted on 12/17/2018
Yes! At last, after 50 years of trying to protect Phoenix's major iconic mountain, all of the land that is Camelback Park, and all the city land and trails on Camelback, including the top has just been voted on by the City Council to be included in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. All are now protected by Chapter 26 which states that none of that land can be sold, developed, traded, destroyed, misused......etc. without a vote of the people. It now has the same protection as the rest of our wonderful Preserve.

Initial Scoping Report for Hiking Access to NM Tower Road
Posted on 9/12/2018
PMPC is pleased to provide the Final Report of the Initial Scoping Project, for which funding was provided through Phoenix Parks Foundation Mini-Grant Program in April 2018. The Project Report focuses on local access recommendations, including critical public input, to provide needed “paved surface access” solutions arising from the closure of North Mountain Tower Access Road parking area, located on 7th Street.
See attached Project Report.

City of Phoenix Resources for the Homeless
The City of Phoenix is working with a variety of agencies including local businesses and faith-based organizations to reduce homelessness in the City. The linked information provides a variety of phone numbers to get people, both families and individuals, help. If you see people or living or congregating in areas not meant for long-term occupation call 602-262-6251 which is for both Crime Stop and PHX C.A.R.E.S. The brochure's second page includes phone numbers for food, senior citizen, veterans and mental health assistance.

If you see questionable activities in the Phoenix Mountain Preserves make sure you note the location, observed activities, description of the people involved, and the time of day. You should not approach the people, but call the Crime Stop number as soon as possible to notify City of Phoenix police.

Homelessness in the Desert Preserves
Street homelessness in Maricopa County has risen nearly 60 percent in two years, increasing the numbers of homeless camps in the Preserves. The City of Phoenix Police Department now has a "Bike Squad" that allows the Police to survey for homeless and drug-use camps in the Preserves. If you see a "homeless camp" in the Preserve, please contact Sergeant Joseph Roberts at (602)261-8996 or email at to let them know the location of the homeless camp and the Police will deal with the situation.

Concerns at Mummy Mountain
We want to make you aware of a preservation issue with nearby Mummy Mountain. This is not part of the Preserve, but if you would like to take an individual stand, here's the information and what you can do.
More information.

Desert Preserve Animal Alert – Don’t use Poisons for Rats control
Should you find yourself with a rat situation, before you take any action, use common sense, think about the FOOD CHAIN, and remember all actions may have absolutely heart-breaking, unintended consequences for the animals and birds of the Phoenix Mountains Preserves. Please refer to the Maricopa Audubon Society Spring 2018 Booklet – page 15 for more on poisons and the impact on desert animals and bird life. Maricopa

The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department developed general guidelines for hikers.Take a Hike. Do It Right. With record breaking heat during this time of year hikers need to be concerned about their furry friends as well as themselves so Heat Safety guidelines are available. Also no dogs on certain trails when the temperature reaches 100 degrees or more. With the lack of rainfall there is a Fire Ban for Desert Parks and Mountain Preserves NO OPEN FIRES of any kind. For More Information

North Mountain Access Tower Road Improvements: Project Fact Sheet
The City of Phoenix will begin improvements to the 7TH Street North Mountain Access Road to the North Mountain Towers. To comply with loading standards, the City needs to make updates to replace the existing structures, improve/strengthen or erect additional structures and move equipment from the non-compliant structure. The existing access road is in a state of disrepair, has several potential hazards for rock fall, needs substantial improvements to control drainage, and the existing pavement is near the end of its performance life. Please take a minute to provide the City of Phoenix your project feedback using the link above or go directly to Survey Monkey..

"If we ruin Camelback, ever afterward people will think of Phoenix as the city that made something ugly of the most beautiful thing it had."
Barry Goldwater – Arizona Republic, 1965
The highest undeveloped lot on Camelback Mountain sits at a 52 percent slope. It is targeted for an almost 10,000-square-foot home, the largest ever constructed on Camelback Mountain. To access the proposed house, an approximately 600-foot-long roadway will cut deeply into the steep mountainside, forever scarring the iconic mountainside.
Take Action!
  1. Sign the Petition and let the Town of Paradise Valley, the Hillside Building Committee, and Mayor Michael Collins know that the scenic beauty of Camelback Mountain is an asset for everyone.
  2. Attend Hearing on April 5th 5:30PM at Paradise Valley Town hall to enforce hillside codes. Please sign our petition and help us preserve Camelback Mountain for our children and generations to come.