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PMPC Fall 2016 Newsletter
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PMPC Activities Update Jan. 19, 2017

Phoenix Mountains
Preservation Council

12950 N 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Phoenix City Council Votes to use lower 2700 Kelvin LED Lights
for City Street Lights
PMPC along with neighborhood organizations and Dark Skies urged City of Phoenix Council to replace street lights with a lower 2700 Kelvin LED instead of the currently used 4000 Kelvin bulbs. Through public input, City leaders were made aware of the adverse effect higher Kelvin rated bulbs would have on people, animals and plants. PMPC would like to thank all members who took the time to contact their City Council members and/or provided input through the Parks and Recreation LED Lighting Public Input Survey to provide a sensible long-term solution to keep our streets, sidewalks and Mountain Preserves safe and sustainable.
Read the press release regarding the Council's decision.

Your Input Needed – Master Plan for South Mountain Preserve Park
The Phoenix Parks Department is working to create a Master Plan for South Mountain Preserve Park. As PMPC members we urge you to get involved by either attending upcoming public meetings, next meeting should be late July or early August, and also by providing your thoughts through a form that allows you to upload photos or images to support concerns or suggestions for South Mountain Park Preserve. From the web site below, scroll down for the City of Phoenix South Mountain Park Trails Master Plan data collector application. There is a short “Help Guide” that will help you provide feedback using the data collector and map. The Data Collector app. form is located at the Parks Department web site – then scroll down - South Mountain Park Trails Master Plan.

May 11 Day in Court for Loop 202 Lawsuit Update
Read review of PARC et al and the GRIC’s day in court against ADOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)'s flawed plans for the South Mountain Loop 202. PARC and Gila River Indian Community members provided a strong showing in the courtroom. For details, see the PARC website.

South Mountain Freeway Loop 202 Lawsuit Updates
Use this link for the PARC (Protecting Arizona Resources and Children) website to get updates from PARC attorney, Howard Shanker, regarding the lawsuit's status. Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council has joined the fight to stop the freeway from cutting through South Mountain Park Preserve. Follow the links below to learn more about PMPC's opposition to destroying a section of the preserve.

Opposing State Route 202 through South Mountain Park and Preserve
Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council Press Release on May 19, 2015

Proposed South Mountain Freeway Stirs Up Controversy
Five Star Publications, publisher of bestselling books sold at the North Mountain Visitor Center gift shop has included an article in their March edition of StoryMonster magazine about the South Mountain Loop 202 and South Mountain. Read Rachel Koestler-Grack's overview.
PMPC appreciates Rachel's time to understand and report the issues and links to the organizations that are trying protect the future of South Mountain Preserve Park.

Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway: Action Needed
The Arizona Department of Transportation will be issuing a Record of Decision (ROD) for this project in the coming weeks.PMPC needs your help writing letters to Arizona Federal Representatives asking for their help to ensure this proposed alignment is reviewed. See the attached letter and feel free to use it as a template. At a minimum write your representative, and two senators see contact link. We encourage you to send letters or emails to all Arizona representatives and the people on the "Action List" It's important our elected representatives know that putting a freeway through a mountain preserve is wrong.

202 South Mountain Freeway Final Environmental Impact Statement
Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council (PMPC), a non-profit membership organization that advocates for the protection of Phoenix mountain preserves, has submitted a letter of objection to the 202 South Mountain Freeway Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council cited the inadequate evaluation of impacts to the wildlife and plants of South Mountain Park and Preserve and recreation trail systems. Read PMPC's FEIS comment in its entirety.

Background of Acquisition of Land for the Phoenix Mountains Preserves
The Background of Acquisition of Land for the Phoenix Mountains Preserves and How Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council (PMPC) was able to Influence the Land Acquisition Program.