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PMPC Activities Update October 2017
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PMPC Newsletter
March 2018

Desert Mountains Preserves Wildlife Videos
by Joel Pearson

Coyotes Consternation – 2:03min
Coyotes – 6:50min
Western Screech Owls – 3:56min
Gila Monster – 38sec
Red-tailed Hawks Nesting: Alice calls for Ralph – 1:22min
Red-tailed Hawk Feeding Chicks - 2:48min
Desert Tortoise 1 – 1:23min
Long-eared Owls – 11:50min
Desert Tortoise 2 – 1:00min
Pack Rat – 30sec
Nesting Roadrunners – 21sec
Phoenix Mountains
Preservation Council

12950 N 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85022

City of Phoenix Resources for the Homeless
The City of Phoenix is working with a variety of agencies including local businesses and faith-based organizations to reduce homelessness in the City. The linked information provides a variety of phone numbers to get people, both families and individuals, help. If you see people or living or congregating in areas not meant for long-term occupation call 602-262-6251 which is for both Crime Stop and PHX C.A.R.E.S. The brochure's second page includes phone numbers for food, senior citizen, veterans and mental health assistance.

If you see questionable activities in the Phoenix Mountain Preserves make sure you note the location, observed activities, description of the people involved, and the time of day. You should not approach the people, but call the Crime Stop number as soon as possible to notify City of Phoenix police.

Homelessness in the Desert Preserves
Street homelessness in Maricopa County has risen nearly 60 percent in two years, increasing the numbers of homeless camps in the Preserves. The City of Phoenix Police Department now has a "Bike Squad" that allows the Police to survey for homeless and drug-use camps in the Preserves. If you see a "homeless camp" in the Preserve, please contact Sergeant Joseph Roberts at (602)261-8996 or email at joseph.roberts@phoenix.gov to let them know the location of the homeless camp and the Police will deal with the situation.

Concerns at Mummy Mountain
We want to make you aware of a preservation issue with nearby Mummy Mountain. This is not part of the Preserve, but if you would like to take an individual stand, here's the information and what you can do.
More information.

PMPC Request USACE 404 Permit be Denied to ADOT for SMF Loop 202
The Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council Board of Directors and members worked with PMPC attorney, Susan Montgomery to analyze and provide their concerns to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) regarding Arizona Department of Transportation's (ADOT) request for a 404 permit.

After 60 years, Governor Doug Ducey wants to eliminate the Arizona State Parks Board. HB 2369, introduced by Representatives TJ Shope (R, LD8) and John Allen (R, LD15) will repeal the Arizona State Parks Board which provides citizens’ oversight to State Parks – HB2369 recently passed the State House. If HB2369 passes the Senate, all of the State Parks Board authority will be transferred to the States Park Director who works at the pleasure of the Governor.  If you support keeping the Arizona State Parks Board, you may convey to the State Senate this message: OPPOSE HB2369. Please maintain the Arizona State Parks Board which has been in existence for 60 years and provides citizens’ oversight to the State Parks Agency. Click title above for more information.

"If we ruin Camelback, ever afterward people will think of Phoenix as the city that made something ugly of the most beautiful thing it had."
Barry Goldwater – Arizona Republic, 1965
The highest undeveloped lot on Camelback Mountain sits at a 52 percent slope. It is targeted for an almost 10,000-square-foot home, the largest ever constructed on Camelback Mountain. To access the proposed house, an approximately 600-foot-long roadway will cut deeply into the steep mountainside, forever scarring the iconic mountainside.
Take Action!
  1. Sign the Petition and let the Town of Paradise Valley, the Hillside Building Committee, and Mayor Michael Collins know that the scenic beauty of Camelback Mountain is an asset for everyone.
  2. Attend Hearing on April 5th 5:30PM at Paradise Valley Town hall to enforce hillside codes. Please sign our petition and help us preserve Camelback Mountain for our children and generations to come.